Bare Merchandise

Many fans have asked if they could purchase shirts. After much discussion, Ash and I decided to make items available on Redbubble. Proceeds from sales will be forwarded to Ash to help fund his projects. Since Redbubble’s base price for merch is kinda high, the markup will only be 20%. That way the fans can enjoy cool stuff and 20% of sales will help out Ash.

There are a number of styles of shirts available with the Mick vs Will artwork. Please note that the movie logo is in white and will only look good on darker colored material. Also, don’t buy the zippered hoodie (this design just does not work with the zipper).

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Mick vs Will design



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Shirts & Hoodies

Bare logo

Shirts & Hoodies

All orders will be fulfilled by Redbubble. Any questions or concerns about orders should be directed to them.