Help get the film into post-production


Congratulations to Cat Jones who won the Brendan Coyle autographed Irish Flag.

Thanks to the wonderful and generous people who donated to the Just Giving campaign raised 151% of the budget shortfall goal! The drive has been closed and winner will be drawn soon. THANK YOU!!

Our Indiegogo campaign fell 10% short of its goal, so we’re asking for donations to make up the difference.

If we can raise £1,055, the film will immediately move into post-production and there will be less of a delay then there was for “Margie’s Garden”. The film can be edited and ready for a sound mix in the space of 3 weeks, as we are really keen for you to be able to see ‘Bare” as quickly as possible.

There were a lot of cut backs made on the actual shoot but this just isn’t possible when it comes to paying for a professional crew and professionals in post production.

Every penny counts!

So if you fancy having your name in the film credits listed as LIFESAVERS of an insanely creative film and the chance to win some goodies then please show some love xx

We’re having a raffle of some items that were donated to encourage extra donations. Anyone donating over £20 will be entered in a drawing to win a photograph autographed signed by Brendan Coyle. Anyone donating over £200 will be entered in a drawing to win the Irish Flag featured in the film and autographed by Brendan Coyle.

Brendan Coyle as Mr. Bates